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April Theme - Balance

As we move deeper into Spring, we are diving into a brand new theme for our classes. However if you feel like you didn’t quite master an arm balance that you loved we aren’t straying to far from our focus in March.

As a community we chose to work with the word ‘Balance’. There are some incredible balancing postures in the Yoga practice, alongside many arm balances, one leg balances but most importantly we will tune inwards and start to find or notice where our internal balance lies.

Do we treat our physical and emotional body to a harmonising balance. Okay probably not every single day, but are you trying to live in a balanced way that helps benefit your physical and mental well being? Ask yourself these questions as you move into our sessions this month. Yes of course we all love to indulge in some way or another, trust me I do. However do we let it consume us? Are you striving to live in a balanced way.

Hopefully the last year has taught us all something, and that is we were too busy before. Too frantic. Our lives so hectic, saying yes to everything and burning ourselves out. I speak only for myself here but I was whole heartedly out of balance. Either I was working too much, sleeping too little and socialising to the extremes.. the list goes on. I certainly found the first few weeks of lockdown extremely difficult, but when I noticed how much time I was given I started to unpack and notice how flawed my previous existence was. Don’t get me wrong I’m still struggling to find the perfect balance, but I am feeling far better equipped to say NO when I need to and to respect my boundaries in personal and work life.

As we deep dive into this months focus, we will build resilience, strength and hopefully increase our joy in life. It is yet another month with many wobbles along the way of course. (Hopefully mostly physical wobbles) Yet life is unpredictable.

So are you feeling willing to dive into a month of finding your balance. There is an unavoidable immediacy to these postures, whilst standing on one foot we naturally drop all other thoughts to focus on the task. When balance is achieved there is a deep sense of calm and ease that comes over us, and yet when we fall there is something uniquely frustrating about it. We feel out of control when we lose our balance, and our ego hates to lose control (especially when other people are around to see it).

Are you willing to drop your ego and start to strive for some balance in the physical practice and beyond?

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