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March's Theme - Arm Balances

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

Welcome to S P R I N G, I feel extremely hopeful and excited waking up today. I honestly felt the good vibes from the Sun all weekend just giving us a little glimmer of possibility of what is to come our way. I hope to still connect with as many of you as possible during March on zoom. This month we will be going into another broader theme, much like January where we explored lots of different backbends. This month we will be exploring Arm Balances. I absolutely love taking spontaneous requests for class, especially when I can't do the pose - it makes it challenging but it excites me to help guide you somewhere maybe my body hasn't quite mastered. We will definitely dive into the foundations of crow and work on different variations but if there is a specific arm balance you'd like to see in this months offerings you know where I am. Just ask - you shall get! Arm balances are actually one of my favourite parts of my own practice. It makes me feel strong, powerful and agile and I love trying new things and feeling that humbling sense when I do quite often come crushing down (safely of course).

Leonardo da Vinci is famously attributed for the words, “once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return.”

I have to say Arm Balances do tend to feel nearly impossible until you have that breakthrough moment. However when you do take flight it is addictive and you will continue to yearn for that feeling of flight!

They are hugely beneficial in our practice as they not only strengthen the arms but the entire body. You do not 'just' balance on the wrists, but the arm, shoulders, pelvic floor, back, legs and the core are all cultivating strength to keep you in flight. We will work a little into breath-work this month to help with our arm balancing practice and boost the Prana flow in our practice.

Please be brave and have the strength to try again when you fail this month. We will all laugh and fall and try again, and again. Just like life it won't be completely linear. However when you have those breakthrough moments it's a huge confidence and positive self worth BOOST. Arm balances are linked to the third chakra, manipura, because they require immense amounts of power and will. This chakra burns through all blocks and fears as it is associated with fire. The less afraid you are the more likely you really will fly.

Believe in yourself and you shall fly. Who's joining me?

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