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February's Theme - Pincha Myurasana

Well done YOU! You made it through January. It was long, cold and potentially miserable for some of us. However I do hope it was filled with lots of small pockets of joy, by doing yoga with me potentially every single day.. I hope you enjoyed joining the Yoganuary lives as much as I enjoyed doing them.

As we move swiftly into the most visually pleasing February we have ever seen I invite you to join me in some of my Zoom classes online. In January we focused on back bending and opening up our hearts to begin the new year. In February the focus will be on our forearm balance; Pincha Myurasana.

If you are newer to the practice this may cause you some anxiety or fear. PLEASE do not be worried. We will be working on lots of lovely drills to open up our shoulders, hamstrings & build strength in our shoulders and core to find all the tools we need to practice this safely. I haven’t been practicing this very often during lockdown, much less than I would normally. So it is chance for me to go back too basics with you all and hopefully train myself to have more accountability and better habits.

Most of us find it difficult to flex our shoulder joint when we place our elbows on the floor in forearm balance. Therefore many students find it can be very challenging to get the upper-arms, shoulders, and ribs vertically stacked and once elbows are dropped to the floor and makes the pose difficult to achieve. For example, imagine your beautifully straight spine in your downward dog (humour me please). We want to create the same straight line from elbow to hip all the way to toes in your forearm balance. Something that I am still working to achieve - as you can see from the photo included I have work to be done.

This pose may be like marmite to most of us, but I hope to change your attitude towards it during Feb. Now I’m not a magician, you may not look perfect or have even taken off from the ground by the 28th of Feb but I hope to give you lots of tools and tips for your practice to continue safely throughout the rest of the year.

Who is excited to invert with me this month? Inversions are where your heart is higher than your head. So we began the year opening our hearts, opening our minds now lets tip them up above our heads!

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