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January's Theme - Heart Openers

If you are joining me for Yoganuary live on Instagram feel free to come to a zoom class for 50% off using the following code: YOGANUARY

If you are an unlimited member of Yogannie, or if you choose to drop into any classes during January we are going to be focusing on heart openers. Throughout the month we will be focusing our attention on opening up space in our chest, working into lots of different backbends. During my Tuesday evening & Saturday morning sessions, we will be building confidence and opening up space to find our backbend. If you make it to FitFlow or Pilates on Wednesday mornings we will be focusing more of our attention on building strength & awareness in our back body and centres in order to backbend safely. Lots of bum drills so we have strong booty's to protect our spines.

I hope you are excited to work on this aspect of your practice with me. If backbends aren't your thing do not be afraid, we don't have to go physically deep, but building up more awareness & space is key. I hope that by choosing this as our first month's focus, it will enable us all to feel more open, physically and emotionally for what the new year holds for us.

Backbends stretch the front of the body and strengthen the back of the body. They are great for improving posture, activating the posterior chain, improving mobility in the spine, increasing breathing capacity and relieving upper and lower back pain.

I am looking forward to it, and I hope you will all feel your confidence grow and notice subtle changes in your practice throughout the month.

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